Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Japan Has Recorded Her First Annual Trade Deficit For More Than 30 Years

Japan has recorded trade deficit for the first time after a lapse of thirty years. Economy of cars and electronic goods, particularly key export products of importance to come to Japan's foreign trade deficit, last year's earthquake and tsunami disaster that occurred on March 11, overvaluation in Yen and energy bills increase was effective.

According to the Ministry of Finance of Japan, the world's third largest economy, foreign trade deficit in 2011 2 49 trillion yen (32 billion U.S. dollars) reached.

The country's imports rose 12 percent last year, exports declined by 2.7 percent, 65.55 trillion yen (843 billion U.S. dollars) declined.

In addition, European and U.S. economies, due to the uncertainty of global investors turn to yen, and Japanese exports to the appreciation of the currency led to the increased cost of products in foreign markets.

In addition, the tsunami
Fukushima nuclear power plant accident are forced to close because of the large number of nuclear plant outside of Japan during this period had to increase the power of the source of a considerable amount.

In December, Japan's foreign trade deficit of 205.1 billion yen (5.6 billion dollars) was recorded.

The period in question the country's exports fell by 8 per cent over the same month the previous year, imports increased by 8.1 percent.