Saturday, November 12, 2011

The Top 20 Most Valuable Countries of the World


Brand Finance Brand assessment body, identified Turkey as a brand value of $ 373 billion. 

According to this survey, Republic of Turkey is the most valuable 19th in the world and 10th most valuable country in Europe.

Brand Finance made a statement regarding the results of research, Turkey's brand value increased by 19.8 percent from a year earlier rose to $ 373 billion, was emphasized. This value comes between the first time in Turkey's most valuable brand in 20 countries, including Austria and Denmark, where also left behind many developed countries. In addition, Turkey has reached this value in Europe's most valuable brand in 10 countries succeeded to be among. The top 3 in the list when the United States, Germany and China is located.

Brand Finance Forum, held in various cities for many years for the first time in Turkey on November 24, "My brand's value and my business - The opportunities for building valuable brands in Turkey". Brand Finance is committed to the development of theoretical and practical issues surrounding brands. As part of this process, we organise a series of events and forums around the world where leading practitioners in the area of brand strategy, brand building and brand valuation come together to share their experiences and to better understand the process by which valuable brands are created.

In recent months, "Turkey's Most Valuable Brands" also published by Muhterem İlgüner who is Brand Finance Director of Turkey, so far the country brand, branding abroad, suggesting that creates difficulty in front of the business world, this table should be pointed out that assessment. Countries in determining brand value, economic policies, GDP, unemployment rate, the tourism income, the perception of country risk, competitiveness, health services, total exports, such as the banking system indicators were not ignored.

According to the survey, The Top 20 Most Valuable Countries of the World

1) U.S.A. - 12.576 billion dollars
2) Germany - 3.146 billion dollars
3) China - 3.001 billion dollars
4) Japan - 1.940 billion dollars
5) U.K. - 1.849 billion dollars
6) France -  1.673 billion dollars
7) Italy - 1.515 billion dollars
8) Canada - 1.309 billion dollars
9) India - 1.266 billion dollars
10) Brazil - 959 billion dollars
11) Netherlands - 829 billion dollars
12) Russia - 752 billion dollars
13) Spain - 729 billion dollars
14) Australia - 702 billion dollars
15) Mexico - 672 billion dollars
16) South Korea - 605 billion dollars
17) Switzerland - 551 billion dollars
18) Sweden - 471 billion dollars
19) Turkey - 373 billion dollars
20) Belgium - 369 billion dollars

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