Tuesday, January 25, 2011


Turkey's report documents that Israeli soldiers killed the injured, sexually harassed the women and tortured those onboard.

Turkey has given a strong response to Israel's Mavi Marmara report in which it aspires to clear itself of any blame. 

Ankara has made its own report public which it submitted to the UN in September. 

Turkey's report documents that Israeli soldiers killed the injured, sexually harassed the women and tortured those onboard. 

Turkey submitted on September 1st the report drawn up by its national investigation commission but its details were not divulged at the behest of the UN Secretary General. 

Israel came up with its own report five months later and leaked it to the press the day it handed it to the UN.
Thereupon, Turkey also made its own report public. 

The report by the Turkish investigation commission explains what happened during the Israeli raid on the aid vessel. 

The spokesperson of the Turkish commission Ambassador Mithat Rende said that if Israel had wanted it could have stopped the other vessels in the flotilla using hawser and have overpowered them but instead it resorted to actions terrorizing the passengers thus causing the occurrence of most undesired incidents. 

Witnesses say that the report bolstered by scientific and forensic findings also says that Israel could have stopped the vessel without using lethal methods but that Israeli troops started firing upon the passengers from helicopters even before they landed on the deck. 

Witnesses, to prove that Israeli helicopters were raining bullets on the passengers, cite the forensic findings which stress that some of those onboard the vessel were killed by fire opened from high above. 

Another point which merits attention in one of the coroner reports is that a woman shot in the hand was later killed with bullets which hit her head and breast. 

Turkey's report, underpinned by documents, also says that the Israeli soldiers who denied pregnant women access to the toilet harassed them by forcing them to undress and tortured almost everyone. 

Ankara is of the conviction that Israel backed into a corner because of international pressure prepared a defensive report five months after Turkey had submitted its report and considers the Israeli report subtle-witted but devoid of army legal substance. 

Turkey who says that it has no intention of demonizing anyone but wants justice alone asks Israel: “If you are not guilty, why did you cover up the 308 bullet holes?”